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Products & Services
Illuminance meters (Luxmeters), luminance meters, photometer heads, photometers for special applications for field and laboratory measurements. Instruments of highest precision for most accurate measurements

Tristimulus colormeters for color measurement on light sources, e.g. lamps, luminaires, light signals, flares, monitors, displays, glasses and filters. Colorimeters of highest precision for absolute measurements with the tristimulus method acc. to DIN 5033 part 6 resp. CIE Publ. No. 15.2 (1966). Colorimeter heads with Si-photoelements and high precise spectral adjustment to the CIE color matching functions

Integrating spheres with diameters of 1 m, 1.5 m, and 2 m for measurement of luminous flux of lamps, photometer paint and other components

Goniophotometers for measurement of light distribution of lamps, indoor and outdoor luminaires, projectors, floodlights, automotive signals and headlamps, traffic and aircraft lights
Reflectance and transmittance measuring units with integrating spheres, retro reflection measuring devices for measurement of reflex reflectors and other materials acc. to ECE, SAE, DIN, CIE, etc.

Flash meters for measurement of illuminance time response of rapid changing light sources (flashes, rotating beacons)

Luminance standards for calibration of luminance meters or retro reflection measuring devices, standard lamps for calibration of luminous flux measuring devices with integrating spheres or goniophotometers, reflecting standards

LMT LIMES 2000 software for WINDOWS for measurement and evaluation of light and color distribution or luminous flux with LMT goniophotometers or other photometric instruments
LMT COLORSYS software for WINDOWS for measurement and evaluation of fast changing light colors (flares)
LMT software for WINDOWS for photometric instruments and special applications

Computer-controlled measurement systems for measurement of light distribution and luminous flux for general lighting or automotive lighting applications, high speed color measurement
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