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Goniophotometer GO-H 800
  • Test of lighting devices for development, quality control, and regulation fulfillment for certifying laboratories, automotive and automotive lighting industry, and other test houses, especially designed for stop, backup, tail lamps or other devices with similar characteristics
  • Goniophotometer for measurement of automotive and other signals
  • Angular resolution 0.1°
  • Stable high precision mechanic parts
  • Horizontal and vertical turning axis
  • DC motor drives with seven speeds in both axis
  • Absolute angle encoders with 0.1° accuracy
  • Horizontal mounting table for test samples
  • Table motoric adjustable in vertical direction, controlled manually
  • Maximum sample dimensions 800 mm x 600 mm
  • Maximum sample weight 20 kg
  • Built-in adjustment laser
  • Safe operation by safety clutch and controls, TÜV certificate available
  • Accuracy class L (highest accuracy) acc. to DIN 5032 part 7
  • Highest precision system-photometer head, thermostated, with built-in amplifier
  • Measurement up to 10°/s
  • Tube for stray light reduction
  • Tripod or wall mounting device
Measurement and Control Unit
  • Digital display of photometric values, angles, and rotation speeds with devices for manual control, remote control, safety controls, test circuits, computer coupling with IEEE-488 Bus Interface
  • Display of retro-reflective and colorimetric properties (optional)
  • Additional photometer heads with stray light tubes and tripods for additional photometric distances
  • Electrical power supply and indicating instruments for test lamps
  • Remote control close to the goniometer with display of photometric values and angles for manual control during mounting and adjustment of test samples
Integration of further LMT Test Equipment
  • Retro-reflective material measurement with RETRO 1000/2000
  • Color measurement with LMT colorimeters
Computer, Software and Services
  • Personal computer and LMT LIMES 2000 Software for automatic measurement and evaluation
  • Consulting, user training, mounting, and service
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