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Goniophotometer GO-H 1300
  • Test of lighting devices for development, quality control, and regulation fulfillment for certifying laboratories, automotive and automotive lighting industry, traffic signal, bus, train, ship, and aircraft lighting test houses
  • Goniophotometer for measurement of headlamps and other lighting equipment
  • Angular resolution 0.01°
  • Stable high precision mechanic parts
  • Horizontal and vertical turning axis
  • DC motor drives with seven speeds in both axis
  • Absolute angle encoders with 0.01° accuracy in both axis
  • Horizontal mounting table for test samples
  • Table motoric adjustable in three directions, controlled manually or by computer (option)
  • Maximum sample dimensions 1300 mm x 600 mm
  • Maximum sample weight 50 kg
  • Built-in adjustment laser
  • Safe operation by safety clutch and controls, TÜV certificate available
  • Accuracy class L (highest accuracy) acc. to DIN 5032 part 7
  • Highest precision system-photometer head, thermostated, with built-in amplifier
  • Fast measurement up to 40°/s
  • Tube for stray light reduction
  • Tripod or wall mounting device
Measurement and Control Unit
  • Digital display of photometric values, angles, and rotation speeds with devices for manual control, remote control, safety controls, test circuits, computer coupling with IEEE-488 Bus Interface
  • Display of retro-reflective and colorimetric properties (optional)
  • Additional photometer heads with stray light tubes and tripods for additional photometric distances
  • Electrical power supply and indicating instruments for test lamps
  • Computer controlled mounting table
  • Remote control close to the goniometer with display of photometric values and angles for manual control during mounting and adjustment of test samples
Integration of further LMT Test Equipment
  • Retro-reflective material measurement with RETRO 1000/2000
  • Licence plate lamp measurement with luminance meter L 1009 or L 1003
  • Color measurement with LMT colorimeters
Computer, Software and Services
  • Personal computer and LMT LIMES 2000 Software for automatic measurement and evaluation
    • Program system for measurement, evaluation, test protocols, graphical displays, and data management
    • Numerous test routines acc. to ECE, SAE, and other regulations
    • Evaluation routines for storage and display of spatial light distribution, isolux/isocandela lines, road isolux diagrams, illuminance intersections, perspective road displays, light output ratios
    • Test and evaluation routines can be modified, enlarged, or completely created by the user
    • Program versions in German, English, French, and other languages available
  • Consulting, user training, mounting, and service
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